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Pool Supplies & AC & Heating Services in North East, Pennsylvania

A wide range of plumbing, AC, and heating services are provided by Concord Plumbing & Heating in North East, Pennsylvania. A selection of pool supplies is also offered. Our plumbing company is here to help with your plumbing, heating, cooling, swimming pool, and fireplace services.

AC & Heating

Installation, repair, ductwork, inspections, and new construction services are provided to residential and small commercial clients throughout the area. Our AC and heating services also include furnace filter changes, charges, condenser and compressor replacements, and UV systems.

Duct, Pool Supplies in North East, PA

Plumbing & Fireplaces

We offer plumbing installation and repair, new construction, and renovations. Our professionals also offer repairs for pumps, wells, and water systems. Trust in us for any and all services you may need. Gas fireplace installation and general service is also provided, and we specialize in the installation of Marquis™ and Vermont Casting™ products.

Pool Supplies

Rely on our expert team for a range of pool supplies and services, including pool water testing, chemicals, and water and UV system services. Keeping your pool sparkling clean year-round is our top priority.

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